5 Things Successful Managers Do

Want to know how to be a successful manager? Well, we have compiled a list of 5 things successful managers do. But the real question is: How many of them do you do?

1.  Conduct a daily briefing – Daily Briefings should take place at the start of the day before trading has begun. They should involve a brief review of basic figures (actual, to target, projected) and a discussion of the day’s objectives. This should also be an opportunity for your team to discuss any issues that they have (make sure you do not get side-tracked). A daily briefing should not take more than 15-20 minutes…

2. Use a diary – Simple, right? Using a diary isn’t so much a hallmark of a good manager as not using one is an indication of a really bad one.  Diary management is one of the keys to being a successful manager and as they cost so little there is no excuse not to have one. They should be used to list current to-dos and upcoming events and should be checked at least every 2 hours. So, get one!

3. Train – Training is critical for managers and employees alike. Every minute spent training is worth 10 afterwards and your staff will be thankful to you for taking the time to train them.  Give them feedback and allow them to make mistakes and you will be a much more relaxed manager!

4. Delegate – The, so-called, art of management. Delegation has long been seen as the fundamental hallmark of the successful manager. It shows that a manager is in command of his team and has trained them to a level where they are able to solve problems with a minimum of input from the manager. Use those daily briefings to let them know what they are required to do and when they are required to do it; and then let them loose (to a point). Then act as a guide to help them get these jobs done.

5. Check– If one of your team tells you that they have done something, check! Don’t leave it to chance. They may have completed a task but not in exactly the way you wanted. They may have even done nothing at all but you won’t know if you don’t check. Your job is to make sure they do theirs.

So, how did you score? No manager is perfect but if we can employ these 5 guiding principles we will be well on our way to becoming a successful manager!



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