5 Ways To Be More Organized

Have you ever wished you had more free time as a manager? Well, it is not more free time that you need but more organization. Delegating to staff is one thing but how do you keep track of what you have asked them to do? Here we list 5 ways you can be more organized and more in control of your business.


1) Use a What-Where-When – We use one of these to keep track of routine daily, weekly or even monthly tasks that need to be completed. A weekly What-Where-When will be in the form of a grid with the days along the top and times broken down by hour along the left side of the page. At the intersections will be the routine tasks that need doing and the name of the employee they have been assigned to. A What-Where-When can be very useful to keep staff informed of what is required of them and at what time.


2) Use a check sheet – Don’t underestimate the power of a check sheet. One of these consists of a list of tasks with check boxes. Just work your way down the sheet ticking competed tasks as you go and you will never miss anything important again!


3) Use a diary – These are great tools for listing to-dos and events but are also great for keeping a copy of important contacts and transferring information between the relevant team members. If you need to pass a message onto a team member who isn’t at work that day then just pop in the diary safe in the knowledge that he or she will check it first thing tomorrow morning.


4) Keep track of issues and projects – It is all too easy to assign members of staff projects to complete but if you don’t get progress reports from them then it will be pointless. You need to keep track of where the employees are at and what they hope to accomplish within what time frame. You can do this manually in your diary or you can use a more sophisticated piece of software like a free downloadable Microsoft Access Program.


5) Organise your desktop – With all these files and folders we are sent from Head Office it can be quite easy for our desktop to become cluttered with month old reports and miscellaneous files. Take a minute to think about what kind of set-up you want and then create the necessary folder structure to keep all your documents in the relevant place to make accessing them easier.


Organization is an important part of management. By implementing some of our tips and tricks you will find yourself with more time to do yet more delegating!



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