5 Ways Your Meetings Can Be More Fun

We all have to attend meetings from time to time. Sometimes we even have to prepare them. The worst kind of meeting is the one where you are sat around a table along with a lot of other poor souls being talked at by senior management and taking nothing in. Bearing this in mind, don’t fall into the same trap with your staff. Here are 5 ways you can make your meetings with the staff more enjoyable.

1) Workshops – The key phrase for an interesting meeting is interaction. Talking goes in one ear and out the other so get the staff to be more interactive by asking them to come up with solutions to problems. It could be a workshop on how to increase sales of a certain line or how to promote selling insurance. Whatever it is, if you get the staff to come up with the answers they will be more likely to buy into the process of the solving the problem.

2) Get the staff to prepare the meetings – Nominate a member of staff, sit down with him or her (or stand up) and let them know what the meeting will be about. It is then up to the member of staff to work out how the meeting will be structured and what the content will be. If you rotate the team member that will hold the meeting then you will automatically get more buy in from the staff since they will know that next week it might be their turn to host.

3) Tests – Tests are a good way to motivate the staff to stay focused during the meeting. A test at the end will also give you a good idea of what has been understood and what hasn’t. The tests should be informal and fun and encourage learning and cooperation.

4) No PowerPoint – Death by PowerPoint should be avoided at all times. A constant stream of figures and charts thrown at the staff for them to ignore is not going to help you or your team learn and progress. All the time spent preparing PowerPoint presentations would be better spent preparing tests or working with a staff member to prepare the meeting.

5) Get them to stand up – No, we’re not crazy. Sitting down and learning don’t always go hand in hand (you remember school right). When people are stood up they are more tuned in and less able to switch off. It also creates an environment that is more like a training session and less like a boring meeting. So, get them to stand up and work in small groups to come up with ideas to improve the business. It will be much more interactive and much more fun.


The key to creating a successful meeting is interaction from the staff. The more involved they are the more they will take in and the more worthwhile the whole exercise will be.



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