6 Ways Employee Training Can Help Managers

Employee training is one of the most important aspects of management. It can be quite difficult to find the time away from normal daily activities to train staff but the pros can easily outweigh the cons. Here we give 6 reasons why you should train your staff.

  1. The Sign Off – To what do we refer? Well, fundamentally, the ability to state as a company that an employee has been trained on a particular duty and is able to carry out that duty in concordance with company policies and procedures. What? Let’s put it another way, if a member of staff is signed off to perform a task in a certain way then if they don’t perform that task as required it is a lot easier to take disciplinary action. But beware, this goes for managers as well as staff!
  2. Staff belief in the company. Ah, that’s better. Training isn’t just a trap to ensnare staff. It also helps to show employees that the company is serious about its workforce. Training and development is one of the first things that employees look for when choosing a prospective employer (and money of course), so don’t be afraid to be everything they want you to be.
  3. Delegation – Isn’t that what good management is all about. It is a cliché but still absolutely true. However, you cannot tell someone to do something if they don’t know how. Showing them how is one of your responsibilities as manager.  Otherwise, ultimately, what do you need them for?
  4. Opportunity for discussion – Training needs to take place in an environment away from distractions (including customers). This gives the trainer the ability to get the relevant points across but also gives the employees the chance to air their views and discuss the things that matter to them. These extras shouldn’t dominate the training or steer it off course but can provide very useful feedback for the employers.
  5. Staff taking responsibility – Yes, that’s correct. Staff should take responsibility for customers and any issues that arise. No staff member is immune to the duties of responsibility and they will enjoy it if these honors are bestowed upon them. No, really. They will however require some training since they will need the confidence in themselves to get these things done. So, get bestowing!
  6. Confidence – The real reason to train! Whether dealing with customers or their manager, employees need to know what company policy is. This is quite a key point as in certain industries the ability to disseminate information can be quite difficult and often lead to management contradicting themselves. In fact this is rife and probably the single biggest bug bear of any staff member. The best way to combat this is to train!

Training can be time consuming but ultimately every minute spent training is worth 10 after as the staff will be more engaged, more capable and more willing to take responsibility than ever before.

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