Catch Them Doing Something Right

Catch them doing something right? Surely you mean wrong! No, we’re right about right. Read on to find out more…

As managers we spend a large part out our job catching our staff doing things wrong. Whether intentionally or not, we seem to have a knack of knowing when something isn’t right and then acting upon it. But have you ever considered the possibility of catching them doing something right?

Catching them in the act will involve a deliberate effort by yourself and is not dissimilar to catching them doing something wrong in that it is important that you take action (praise them) in that particular moment and that you are fair and accurate in your praise.

The concept revolves around positive reinforcement whereby you will increase the likelihood of good behaviour by rewarding staff with praise when good behaviour is observed. People like praise. No matter how unaffected the staff member may seem they will on some level be very happy that the manager has taken the time and effort to recognise that they have done something right.

This concept can also be good for the transparency of business processes. If, as a manger, you are specific in what you are praising the staff member for and what benefit this will have to the business, the staff member will have increased their understanding of the business and what specifically the business processes are that will help the business to succeed.

There is also the benefit to the atmosphere of the store. It is far nicer to work in an environment where praise and compliments are the buzz words as opposed to scolding and negative comments. A happier team is a more enthused team and a more enthused team will work harder.

It should be said that this is not fairy-tale stuff. Making an active effort to recognise their achievements is of paramount importance to your staff. In survey after survey employees have commented how the thing they most want from their company is more recognition for the good work they do. So, give it to them!

This, of course, doesn’t mean that there will never be a time when it is necessary to catch them doing something wrong as eliminating bad habits is also part of the process. But there does need to be a balance and your staff do need to know that what they do is recognized and valued.

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